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I assess my work on a regular basis.

It is easy for me to find constructive ways of working with people, who are against me at first.

I enjoy helping other people grow.

I am energized when I am a part of groups or projects that include very diverse people.

I see factors in situations that others don't tend to notice.

Whenever I plan something I make sure I am clear about the results I am hoping to see.

It’s important for me to establish my work on a wider basis by training other workers.

I often ask others to help me see my own weaknesses.

I prefer to help others do things for themselves rather than doing it for them.

I am open to be led by my intuition in challenging situations.

I am constantly encouraging those around me to pass on their skills and special abilities to others.

I actively look for people to work with who are able to complement me with their strengths.

I find it easy to recognize the likely long-term effects of a decision.

Even when I get into difficulties, I can always find a way to deal with them.

I am well aware of my gifts/special abilities.

I don't look at things individually but instead see them as part of a bigger picture.

Cooperation is more important to me than competition.

I feel strongly that actions, teams, or whole fields of activities that are not producing their intended results should be revised or stopped.

Projects and actions should be self-sustaining.

I tend to see solutions where others only see problems.

I make sure the work load is divided among many people, rather than one person doing too much.

I am very motivated because my work is fruitful as of late.

I find it easy to see the potential in other people.

I am currently training someone else in an area of my skills and talents.

I find it easy to communicate with people who are very different from me.

I regularly take time to think about my life.

I am glad about every mistake I make because I can learn something from it.

I don't tend to let urgent matters distract me from what is important.

It's important for me to share what I have received.

I would rather spend more time now, if it means saving time and resources in the long run.

I help people learn to do things for themselves as early as possible.

It is important to me to remain focused on the tasks I am skilled at.

I find it easy to learn from my mistakes.

I always tend to focus on people's strengths before considering their weaknesses.

I tend to notice if an idea is unrealistic.

I often play a significant part in turning other people's lives around for the better.

I often know what is going to happen next just by thinking about a situation.

I take every chance I get to show someone else how to do something while I am doing it.

Before tackling a problem, I always look for what is already available to resolve it.

I like to know the facts, no matter how uncomfortable or painful they might be.

I look forward to and am taking active steps to train up someone else to take over my current job.

I actively look for opportunities to learn from people who are very different to myself.

I often ask other people for their opinion and insights to make sure I am on the right track.

I enjoy helping people learn.

When I start a new project, I keep in mind signs that would communicate it is best for me to end the project.

I often make adjustments to my plans along the way that will best help me to achieve my goals.

Once I have helped a new idea become a reality I love to encourage other passionate people to develop their ideas.

I like to actively support the vision of other people around me.

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